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McLaren Industries

FieldMaster™ Rubber Tracks for Agricultural Equipment

FieldMaster™ Rubber Tracks

The new FieldMaster™ Multi-Season Series rubber tracks by McLaren Industries are built with new forgings, which are 50% more wear resistant. The new forging material can be welded using hard surfacing welding wire if a repair or rebuilding is required.
Tensile strength has been radically improved to prevent stretching. McLaren's proprietary SpoolRite Belting™ jointless belt system now incorporates more cables, which increases overall tensile strength by 30%.

McLaren utilizes an Extra Wide Forgings - EWF™ System, which allows wider steel belting to further increase the overall track strength. The EWF System also significantly improves stability.
The new FieldMaster™ Multi-Season Series uses an improved rubber compound on both the tread and rolling areas, ensuring many seasons of continuous use. The High-Performance Rolling Area Track (HRAT™), compound is the crucial factor that ensures high track performance at maximum capacity. In addition, the tear and cut resistant 5-RT Compound, which is specially designed for harvesters, features greater UV protection and prevents cracking.

Download a FieldMaster™ Tracks Brochure (PDF) .

FieldMaster™ Rubber Tracks


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