Attachments for Skid Steers and CTLs

Log Grapple Bucket Attachments

In a busy construction site, making the most of your fleet of heavy equipment — and minimizing costs associated with transport, fueling and upkeep — is critical to running a successful business. The right attachments can expand the working capacity of your skid steers, excavators and other machines, allowing you to do more with less.log grapple bucket on bobcatlog grapple bucket on gehl skid steer

While many heavy equipment manufacturers — including Cat®, John Deere and more — produce a diverse lineup of optional attachments for their machines, choosing an aftermarket alternative can help you stretch your budget further.

McLaren Industries manufactures several high-quality, heavy-duty attachments for construction, landscaping, forestry, demolition, storm clean up and other applications. Leveraging our expertise in OEM manufacturing, we now offer several of our most popular designs for sale direct to fleets around the world.

Our log bucket grapple attachment is compatible with skid steers by Cat® and other manufacturers. Use it to quickly and accurately scoop up and move heavy timber, debris, and irregularly shaped loads across a job site. Our grapple bucket is a powerful attachment designed for heavy duty commercial use.

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Product Details

Our log grapple bucket features a wide bottom lip and acute angle tine shape to keep loads in place and lift heavy or bulky logs with a minimal amount of balancing effort. When the unit's upper clamps are in the upright position, a set of cylinder back stoppers avoids sticking. Integrated springs prevent hydraulic hoses from pinching while in use, and a set of fully greaseable pins and bearings offers long life and fewer service requirements.skid steer log grapple bucket attachmentside view skid steer log grapple bucket

We offer this product in several sizes and configurations, including a heavy-duty version capable of taking on the toughest lifting jobs, and an eco-duty version that performs reliably in storm cleanups and other applications. All products attach to your equipment with a universal skid steer style-hookup to facilitate fast switching between attachments — with a minimal amount of downtime — when necessary.

If you're looking for an affordable skid steer log grapple bucket that can lift, load and move with ease, look no further than McLaren Industries.

Key Benefits

McLaren Industries' skid steer attachments are precisely engineered, professional-grade products suitable for any task. Our attachments can help you improve your productivity on the job site by increasing the working capacity of a single machine. As a result, you'll be able to turn around big jobs faster and grow your business accordingly.

Instead of adding another machine with a dedicated grapple rake to your fleet, consider purchasing a removable attachment to use with your existing skidder. In addition to lower transport and fuel costs, you also won't have to bring on more staff or invest in extra training.
log grapple bucket for skid steerlog grapple attachment for skid steer loader

A McLaren Industries Exclusive

Our metal attachment division is our newest business vertical, though it's an industry we have considerable experience in as an OEM supplier. Find out why our products lead this sector in quality, performance and overall value. Get in touch with us by phone at (800) 836-0040 or request pricing online

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