100% NO FLATS. Get up to 3,500
    flat-free hours for real savings!

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    "Sponge" effect reduces
    bouncing and provides

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    Wider footprint and deeper
    lugs provide greater stability
    and traction on any terrain.

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  • Resilient & Flexible
    Resilient & Flexible
    Puncture resistance and longevity.
    A cushioned ride without the bounce.
    Lower cost-per-hour than regular
    pneumatic or foam-filled tires.

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  • Got a telehandler!
    Got a telehandler!
    McLaren Solid Cushion
    Tires are available for
    high reach equipment!

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  • Wheel Loader Tires
    Wheel Loader Tires
    Flat Proof Tires for Wheel Loaders that
    meet your budget and exceed
    your expectations!
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Solid Cushion Tires for Forklift

Replacement Tires for Forklifts

Forklifts have been standard equipment in material handling operations for more than a century. These versatile machines can lift heavy loads and carry them over short distances. They're perfect for loading and unloading trucks, stacking materials in warehouses and distribution centers and transporting bulky equipment. In some cases, forklifts can even serve as substitutes for aerial lifts to hoist workers who perform tasks at height.

McLaren Industries is your headquarters for solid rubber forklift tires that can meet the demands of the most challenging material handling environments. We produce high-quality tires for all the leading lift truck manufacturers, including Hyster-Yale, Komatsu, JLG and Toyota. Our selection of heavy-duty forklift tires will help you increase your fleet's performance and productivity and create a safer work environment for your employees.

Our Forklift Tire Line

McLaren offers the following heavy-duty forklift tires, many of which are available in multiple sizes and tread patterns:

- Nu-Air Dirt Terrain (DT™): Our most popular tire, the Nu-Air DT is ideal for forklifts that must maintain stability and traction when navigating rough terrain. Operators will experience a smooth, balanced ride in the most treacherous underfoot conditions.
- Nu-Air All Terrain (AT™): The Nu-Air AT features a wider footprint that ensures peak performance on flat surfaces such as warehouse and factory floors. Extra rubber and a deeper tread make it easier to accommodate heavier loads.
- Nu-Air XDT™ tires: The Nu-Air XDT is an extreme-duty tire featuring an advanced bonded tire and rim design, significantly reducing the risk of separation. It's the perfect solid rubber forklift tire for the most difficult and demanding lifting and load-transporting applications.
- Nu-Air AirMonster™ tires: This wider version of the Nu-Air DT works well for low ground pressure applications.

To get a no-obligation quote or learn more about our selection of replacement tires for forklifts, give us a call at (800) 836-0040 or contact us online today.

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