McLaren Industries Causes a Revolution in the South African Construction Equipment Sector

"Let’s Maximize the Machines in Africa" has become not only a task but the mission of Mr. Morné Muller, CEO of SA Rubbertrack and Pad. Mr. Muller explains the enormous interest in the McLaren products with the fact that they are unique for Africa and they proved to be a perfect fit for the local environmental conditions – McLaren’s OTT systems (over-the-tire track) and Nu-Air flat proof tires bring a new era to the local skid steer industry. Customers have been mostly interested in the backhoe and skid steer tires and over-the-tire tracks due to the products’ ability to triple machine productivity compared to what they get from conventional pneumatic tires.

A new development of TLB wheels for front tires of backhoes, suggested by SA Rubbertrack and Pad’s team, proved to be a great fit to various JCB, CAT and New Holland backhoes, further increasing the range of machines which can take advantage of the unique Nu-Air flat proof technology.

"In the first trial year SA Rubbertrack and Pad demonstrated actual capability to increase brand awareness and to introduce McLaren products on the South African market – a fact supported with actual results" commented Mr. George Zafirov, CMO of McLaren Industries.

SA Rubbertrack and Pad has been authorized as an exclusive agent for distributing the entire range of McLaren’s tracks and flat proof tires and keeps all product sizes and series in stock. Headquartered in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, South Africa the company covers the Republic of South Africa and develops business relationships in the rest of the continent. With a 60% BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) the company empowers the people of Africa to fight poverty and to contribute to the uplifting of various local communities. As a response to the growing demand in 2013 SA Rubbertrack and Pad plans to open several additional shops and show rooms throughout the country where equipment owners will have the opportunity to see, test and purchase McLaren products.


Effective March 2013 the company SA Rubbertrack has been transformed to a new entity M and M Tyre and Wheel Solutions Ltd. The newly formed company has inherited the full rights to represent McLaren Industries in the Republic of South Africa. For more information and contacts visit