Attachments for Excavator

Excavator Attachments

McLaren's Attachments line is here to service the growing attachment industry. As with all of McLaren's products, we strive to manufacture the best products in the industry for the best price. Our Attachments line is backed by McLaren's superior quality and customer service. We focus on value, so you can make the most of your machine and maximize your profit.

Our Heavy-duty Excavator buckets fit 20-25 ton rated excavators of all major brands such as Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, etc.

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20-ton Excavator Bucket. Maximum strength allows you to penetrate the toughest terrains. McLaren's heavy duty excavator bucket is the best value on the market. Designed to give you the most hours of work per dollar invested.We give you the most with our bucket: adjustable bushings with built in shim system, specially formulated wear-resistant bucket teeth, replaceable side cutters, wear straps on bottom side of bucket, extra-large over-hung reinforced head, 1 1/2" wear-resistant bottom lip, 1" wear-resistant side bars that run full length, and internal wear and reinforcement blocks for superior life and durability. This bucket is applicable for rock, dirt, or clay. Our bucket is designed for the most powerful excavators working in tough environments. Maximum strength allows you to penetrate the toughest terrain. Adjustable bushing system enables the best fit for the life of the bucket.


  • Fits 40,000 - 50,000 lb Excavators
  • Buckets feature high-grade MR400 steel structures
  • Adjustable bushings with built in shim system
  • 45" external width, 43" internal width
  • 1 1/2" bottom lip & 1" side bars
  • Heat-treated wear-resistant specially formulated McLaren bucket teeth (CAT style)
  • Heat-treated wear-resistant replaceable side cutters (CAT style)
  • Wear and reinforcement blocks supporting internal superstructure
  • Extra-large reinforced head design
  • Wear straps on bottom of bucket
  • Designed for easy clean out
Available sizes: 68", 76", 86"