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A Brief Overview of Hydraulic Augers for Mini Excavators

A Brief Overview of Hydraulic Augers for Mini Excavators

There are few better machines for digging out holes and excavating job sites than the mini excavator. Designed to handle the rigors of excavating even the toughest of terrain, these pieces of equipment play a key role in a wide variety of projects. However, when it comes to performing more specialized tasks, like boring deep holes into the earth, even these machines need a bit of help from an attachable system. This is a brief overview of hydraulic auger attachment for mini excavators and what you need to know about them.

What Is a Hydraulic Mini Excavator Auger?

Before we can discuss the effectiveness and applications of a mini excavator auger system, it’s vital that we first define what these devices are. Hydraulic augers for mini excavators are advanced drill machines that utilize hydraulic pressure to generate power and operate. With the increased force of these hydraulic mechanisms, these systems make it easier for workers to bore deeply into the ground. They can even handle a diverse range of soil types including loose, rocky, and frozen terrain. In many cases, mini excavator augers are the faster and more powerful alternative for drilling ground and can improve the overall efficiency of your job.

How Mini Excavator Augers Work

In the next part of this brief overview of hydraulic auger attachment for mini excavators, we’ll delve a little deeper into how these components function. Hydraulic mini excavator augers consist of a drill stem with a durable planetary drive. This drive sits inside a hydraulic cylinder filled with hydraulic fluid and offers a series of additional benefits over traditional piston drives. This includes increased product longevity and easier access for maintenance. Upon activating your mini excavator, the cylinder pressurizes the hydraulic fluid and generates enough force on the internal gears to start spinning the external drill bit. Hydraulic mini excavator augers function by converting large quantities of pressure into kinetic energy, which is what makes it possible for the auger to spin powerfully enough to cut through even rock.

Common Mini Excavator Auger Applications

When it comes to the applications of a mini excavator auger attachment, it’s important to note that the list is incredibly diverse. Whether it be around the home, on a construction site, along farms or ranches, or even in public gardens, these attachments have their uses in any setting. Because of this, they’re a great attachment to have on hand, regardless of your line of work or industry. Mini excavator auger systems are especially helpful when installing fences, working on home foundations, constructing drainage routes, and large poles for public structures.

At McLaren Industries, we work hard to ensure that every skid steer or mini excavator operator has what they need to complete tasks in a quick, efficient, and reliable way. Our hydraulic auger attachments are second to none, and they’re sure to get you the results you’re after. Contact us using this link or give us a call at 800-836-0040 to learn more about our products and how they can give you an edge during your next project.