• You get it all!
    You get it all!
    Maximum stability, flotation,
    traction and tire protection
    for your skid steer loader!

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  • Maximum Traction!
    Maximum Traction!
    McLaren Diamond OTT is built
    for severe ground conditions!
    It bites into any surface!

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  • Safe on sidewalks!
    Safe on sidewalks!
    Drive on asphalt, concrete, and
    lawns without the damage
    created by steel tracks.

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  • Fully Rebuildable!
    Fully Rebuildable!
    Easy to install and inexpensive
    to maintain! Adjustable length
    with fully replaceable parts!

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Over-the-Tire Tracks for Skid Steers and CTLs

Find product for your machine:

Over-The-Tire Skid Steer Tracks 

McLaren Industries is the number # 1 manufacturer of skid steer steel OTT and rubber OTT tracks.  McLaren has more rubber Over The Tire tracks for skid steers and CTLs operating globally than all other manufacturers combined.  We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing skid loader over the tire tracks.  This depth of experience and knowledge enable us to produce the longest lasting OTT in the industry.  

Since many skid steers tend to struggle in wet terrain. Adding a set of over-the-tire skid steer tracks can make a skid steer more versatile, expanding the capabilities of your skid loader without an investment in new equipment. McLaren Industries manufactures over-the-tire tracks (OTT) that install quickly over a set of tires, effectively giving you a single machine that can do the work of both a skid steer and track loader. 

McLaren OTT

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Benefits of Over-The-Tire Tracks

Over-the-tire tracks are a smart upgrade for any skid steer loader. Our products offer industry-leading floatation, traction, and overall performance at a low operating cost. Our OTT tracks are easy to maintain and our rubber track version features replaceable rubber pads that make them fully rebuildable for added value.  

Rubber OTT offers benefits good for your business and great for your bottom line. Designed for the most demanding job sites, but safe for use on asphalt, driveways, gardens, and lawns, McLaren Industries' OTT rubber skid steer tracks are perfect for any situation in which a standard skid steer loader wouldn't be suitable.

Steel OTT with Steel pads or Open Face can be used on a special conditions (more rough or wet) where Rubber OTT can be challenged.

Our Over-The-Tire Tracks

Four core product lines offer a wide range of choices for any business looking for over-the-tire-tracks we have for sale for your skid steer loader. 
Our skid steer OTT’s include: 

- McLaren RUBBER OTT tracks: Our most versatile product with durable rubber pads.  Allowing you to work off road, while protecting driveways and asphalt.  Wide rubber pads offer excellent floatation and traction in the mud.  We manufacture these over-the-tire skid steer tracks from high-grade manganese-enriched steel for the base and heat-treated, chromium-enriched steel for the pins and links — a combination that offers excellent performance and protection for your tires, both on-road and off. Our rubber OTT tracks fit on any pneumatic or semi-pneumatic 10x.16.5, 12x16.5, and 14x17.5 tire set and are available with optional non-marking orange rubber pads.  Our rubber compound has been developed and refined to over 20 years.  Competitors have copied our look but are far away from matching our unbeatable durable rubber pad compound.

- McLaren MAGNUM OTT tracks: Our heaviest-duty option. MAGNUM OTT tracks feature specially designed all-steel shoes for added protection when working in demolition, waste processing sites, and other harsh environments. A directional tread design offers good traction in loose ground conditions, while the same rubber padding found on the RUBBER series delivers improved floatation for operator comfort. MAGNUM OTT skid steer tracks fit on top of either 10x16.5 or 12x16.5 tires.

- McLaren DIAMOND OTT: Our high-traction over-the-tire track. Use them in wet, muddy and graded conditions where additional 'bite' is required. An open-face tread design allows for optimal clean out, reducing maintenance requirements while minimizing wear and tear. DIAMOND OTT tracks fit over 10x.16.5, 12x16.5, and 14x17.5 skid steer tires. 

- Maximizer™ OTT: Our cost-effective, budget-friendly option. The Maximizer OTT track series is known for its incredible value and performance at an affordable price point. Maximizer tracks borrow many of the advanced design features of the Diamond OTT product line, but they are engineered for lighter duty or part-time use. Use Maximizer OTT skid steer tracks on top of 10x16.5, 12x16.5, or 14x17.5 tires.

Purchase your over-the-tire tracks individually, or for maximum performance, alongside a set of McLaren Industries' solid rubber skid steer tires. Request your quote today or give us a call at (800) 836-0040 for more information about our over-the-tire tracks for sale.

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The McLaren RUBBER OTT™ tracks are the most versatile skid steer tracks available. We use only high-grade, manganese-enriched steel for the base of the track and heat-treated, chromium-enriched steel for the pins and links. The replaceable rubber pads are made of highly durable, wear resistant rubber compounds with a steel attachment plate embedded within. This combination makes the track sections virtually impenetrable, greatly reducing the chances of down time due to flats.

McLaren RUBBER OTT™ is designed to give you the ability to use your machine on asphalt, concrete and lawns without causing the damage created by steel tracks. They are also designed to excel off-road, giving you excellent flotation as well as traction in wet and sloppy conditions.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Fits skid steer tires 10x16.5, 12x16.5, and 14x17.5
  • Will work with either pneumatic or semi-pneumatic tires - ask about special combo pricing
  • Can be used both on-road and off-road - no need to remove them
  • Designed to travel over sensitive areas without damaging them - perfect for landscaping
  • Also available with non-marking orange pads - no black marks on concrete!

McLaren Rubber OTT is a perfect system for landscaping and jobs in urban areas. The rubber shoes protect turf and pavement and thus reduce damage to roads, sidewalks, driveways, gardens and lawns.

Non-marking orange rubber pads available are available for McLaren Rubber and McLaren Magnum OTT.

Combine with McLaren's Nu-Air Tires to get the maximum performance from your skid steer loader!

The McLaren MAGNUM OTT™ tracks are the toughest skid loader tracks on the market. Using the same base track as the McLaren RUBBER OTT™, these tracks also produce excellent floatation. The virtually indestructible all-steel shoes are designed to stand up to the most demanding environments while offering the best tire protection. With their directional design, the McLaren MAGNUM OTT™ shoes give you the extra pushing and pulling power (traction) needed while working in sand, mud and loose rock.

  • Size: Fits skid steer tires 10x16.5, 12x16.5
  • Application: demolition sites, recycling yards, waste debris, rocks, sand, deep mud
  • Main Benefit: Exceptional flotation and tire protection


With McLaren Magnum OTT, your skid steer can easily and safely work in deep mud, sand, rocks and other harsh terrains

McLaren Magnum OTT is designed for machines working in demolition, land clearing, recycling, mining, waste management and most other demanding environments

Combine with McLaren's Nu-Air Tires to get the maximum performance from your skid steer loader!

The McLaren DIAMOND OTT™ tracks are the best solution for conditions that demand greater traction. The diamond-shaped bar surface creates more traction than the smooth bar design of other tracks. The angled edges really dig in to prevent slippage on wet grass, in mud and especially when working on hills or side slopes. The open face style allows for optimal clean out which is extremely important when working in snow and icy conditions. Our McLaren DIAMOND OTT™ tracks bite into the ground like no other over-the-tire tracks can.

  • Size: Fits skid steer tires 10x.16.5, 12x16.5, 14x17.5
  • Application: mud, clay, wet grass, slopes, loose rock, sand, snow and ice 
  • Main Benefit: Maximum traction 

The McLaren Diamond pattern bites into mud, clay, loose rock and sand. This is our skid loader track recommendation for working on snow and ice.

Combine with McLaren's Nu-Air Tires to get the maximum performance from your skid steer loader!

The Maximizer™ OTT tracks are the cost effective way to have an OTT track system. It is basically a lighter version of our heavy duty McLaren Diamond OTT™. Although they are designed for part time usage, the Maximizer™ OTT tracks are made of the same steel alloys as our other McLaren OTT tracks. The hexagon pattern on the bars digs in just like the diamond pattern and will prevent slippage on slopes and in wet or icy conditions. They will give you the traction you need when tires alone won’t do the job.

  • Size: Fits skid steer tires 10x16.5, 12x16.5, 14x17.5 
  • Application: mud, clay, wet grass, slopes, loose rock, sand, snow and ice
  • Main Benefit: Maximum traction at a low cost

Unbeatable price for a high performance over-the-tire track system.

Combine with McLaren's Nu-Air Tires to get the maximum performance from your skid steer loader!