• McLaren Terrapin Rubber Tracks
    McLaren Terrapin Rubber Tracks
    Provide excellent traction and smooth ride,
    with a perfect balance of comfort,
    performance, and longevity.
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  • Over the Tire Tracks
    Over the Tire Tracks
    With Rubber Pads or Steel Pads.
    Maximum stability, flotation, traction and
    tire protection for your skid steer loader!
    Go where no skid steer has gone before.
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  • ITC Skid Steer Tires
    ITC Skid Steer Tires
    The most innovative solid skid steer tire
    with triangle cushion holes for much
    smoother and comfortable ride.
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  • Extreme Duty Skid Steer Grapple
    Extreme Duty Skid Steer Grapple
    1" thick steel tines designed
    for the toughest jobs.
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  • Forklift Tires
    Forklift Tires
    Solid Pneumatic or Solid Cushion Tires.
    We offer wide variety of sizes to fit all your needs.
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McLaren Industries is a leading manufacturer of skid steer rubber tracks, attachments and solid tires

The company specializes in manufacturing mini excavator and skid steer rubber tracks, skid steer solid cushion tires, skid steer attachments, over-the-tire tracks, mini excavator steel tracks, and forklift tires. Our products combine innovation with rock-solid reliability at a competitive price. We have decades of experience manufacturing parts that work on John Deere, Bobcat, CASE, JCB, Hitachi, Kubota, Komatsu, Kobelco, Gehl, Volvo, Terex, Takeuchi, and CAT equipment.

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Rubber Tracks

McLaren Industries was founded in 1997 as a rubber track manufacturer, and to this day, these rubber tracks remain as one of our core product offerings. We manufacture replacement rubber tracks for skid steers, track loaders, multi-terrain loaders, agricultural harvesters, excavators, dumpers and other equipment as well as over-the-tire tracks to improve the stability, flotation, and traction of skid steer loaders.

All products feature our proprietary rubber compound formula — the result of extensive testing and engineering — and SpoolRite™ Belting Technology for industry-leading strength and durability. To ensure a high level of quality control, we manufacture all products in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Learn more about our rubber track manufacturing process by visiting our Rubber Tracks and Over-the-Tire Tracks

Solid Cushion Tires

In addition to producing rubber tracks, we're also a notable manufacturer of rubber tires. Leveraging our expertise in material science, we've developed a fully puncture-proof product that delivers up to five times the lifespan of standard tires. Our tires feature a durable outer layer for strength and a soft inner core for a smooth, bounce-free ride.

Increase equipment uptime, lower your operating costs and make flats a thing of the past with McLaren Industries. Visit our Solid Cushion Tires page to explore our current product lineup.

Heavy-Duty Attachments

The newly launched McLaren Metal division further expands the scope of our business beyond rubber tire and track manufacturing. Available attachments include a wide range of grapple rakes, root rakes, clam style rakes, grapple buckets, stump buckets, dozer blades, excavator buckets and more. We design our products to fit on skid steers and excavators by all leading manufacturers, and we stand behind them with the same service and expertise you've come to expect from our team.

Learn how our products can help you Maximize Your Machine™ by visiting our Attachments page today.

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