100% NO FLATS. Get up to 3,500
    flat-free hours for real savings!

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    "Sponge" effect reduces
    bouncing and provides

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    Wider footprint and deeper
    lugs provide greater stability
    and traction on any terrain.

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  • Resilient & Flexible
    Resilient & Flexible
    Puncture resistance and longevity.
    A cushioned ride without the bounce.
    Lower cost-per-hour than regular
    pneumatic or foam-filled tires.

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  • Got a telehandler!
    Got a telehandler!
    McLaren Solid Cushion
    Tires are available for
    high reach equipment!

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  • Backhoe Tires
    Backhoe Tires
    The #1 Flat Proof Tires for Backhoes.
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  • Wheel Loader Tires
    Wheel Loader Tires
    Flat Proof Tires for Wheel Loaders that
    meet your budget and exceed
    your expectations!

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  • McLaren Premium Forklift Tires
    McLaren Premium Forklift Tires
    Designed and built for heavy loads and extreme endurance
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  • McLaren Premium Forklift Tires
    McLaren Premium Forklift Tires
    Superior compound prevents heat buildup and debonding
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Welcome to McLaren Industries!                                                                                        Check our McLaren's recently updated PDF brochure about Solid Cushion Tires.                                                                                        Recent developments:   McLaren Industries Opens R&D Facility to Support North American OEMs Read Announcement                                                                                                   McLaren Industries Expands Popular Nu-Air Solid Cushion Tires to Include Backhoes. Read the full announcement here                                                                                          Advanced Rubber Track Technology Applied on Mini Excavator Tracks for the First Time. Click here to read the announcement                                                                                              Helpful article:   Keep your rubber tracks in top shape with these handy rubber tracks maintenance tips.                                                                                      Please, be sure to check our News & Resources section on this website to stay up to date with the latest developments at McLaren Industries.                                                                                        We strive for continous improvement!   Our ability to innovate depends on your continous feedback.    Please take a short moment to complete a quick online customer survey.                                                                                         Here are some comments we have received from customers:       "Great initial and post service. 5 stars rating in my books! Exceptional service differentiates Mclaren from its competitors." - Rob Pagacz (Bobcat S300 skid steer loader);                                                                                            "Tires are still working out great. Tons of hours left on them!" - Levi McDermott (Mustang 2086 skid steer loader);                                                                                           "Made my bobcat work like a Cat dozer; Easy on off" - Roy Young (Bobcat S250 skid steer loader);                                                                                            "I think you make a superior product..." - Eric Wellish, (Case 1845C skid steer loader);                                                                                           "I really like the traction that I get from my tracks, and will most likely consider repurchasing when needed... I have the TDF series track." - Scott Robinson (Takeuchi TL 150 compact track loader);                                                                                           "Your Protrac rubber have saved me thousands of dollars! I rented a track machine for one month prior to having your tracks, that rental cost would have covered the cost of the McLarens. I was expecting to have bought a new machine, but there has been no reason to as the OTTs have added lift capacity, stability, a softer ride, and of course traction beyond my wildest expectations. My machine rep is not happy with your product, no sale for him... Could not be happier, literally!" - Simon Huxtable (Bobcat 763 skid steer loader);                                                                                            "The up front cost is greater than others but quality and performance far outweigh the cost." - Bearden Services (Bobcat S250 skid steer loader);                                                                                            "The sales rep that handled my purchase was knowledgeable, polite, and knew his product... Good job, keep it up. " - Mike Essenpreis (John Deere 325 skid steer loader);                                                                                           "The salesman helped me quite a bit with the sizing issue." - Dennis Weiss (Bobcat Model 100);                                                                                         "I appreciate the after sales follow up."  - Eagle Golf Inc. (Caterpillar 236B skid steer loader);                                                                                           Need to contact McLaren Customer Serive in the US? Send an email to: cs@mclarenusa.com                                                                Please take a moment to complete a sort online customer survey.                        

Find product for your machine:

Industrial Solid Rubber Tires

Tires provide a critical link to the ground for construction equipment like skid steers, excavators and backhoes. The right tires can optimize your productivity, enhance ride quality and operator comfort, and improve your bottom line. It is for this reason that many fleet owners are swapping out their OEM tires for heavy-duty, industrial solid rubber tires from McLaren Industries.  

industrial solid rubber tires

Our products incorporate a range of proprietary technologies that make them stronger and more responsive than a pneumatic tire. Read on for more details or get in touch with one of our representatives for more information.

What Is Semi-Pneumatic Technology™?

Semi-Pneumatic Technology is an engineering innovation exclusive to McLaren Industries' industrial solid tires. Its three-layer composition includes a rigid base compound with bead wire running throughout for additional durability, followed by a proprietary cushion compound with shock-absorbing relief holes and a tough outer tread layer for improved puncture resistance. More and deeper apertures creating double or more cushioning effect then the competition. 

industrial solid rubber tires

The result is an industrial solid rubber tire that lasts four to five times longer than a standard product while delivering improved traction, greater lifting ability and zero downtime due to flats. Together, these benefits translate to a lower cost per hour, without sacrificing performance on a demanding job. 


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Heavy-Duty Solid Cushion Tire Options for All Machines — and All Jobs 

industrial solid rubber tires

McLaren Industries' industrial solid rubber tires encompass a range of styles, sizes and tread patterns. Whether you need something that will stand up to the most demanding environments or something economical for everyday use, we can match you with the best tires for your needs. Our core product lines include the Nu-Air series, which consists of: 

  • Dirt Terrain- for use in rough terrains such as dirt, sand, mud, and rocks.
  • All Terrain- rough terrain capability with better performance on flat, hard surfaces
  • Rocky Terrain-  unique tread design for increased durability for most demanding environments 
  • Smooth Surface-  tires for use on flat concrete and asphalt
  • X- Dirt Terrain- the extreme-duty version of our dirt terrain tire
  • Air Monster- designed for use in applications requiring lower ground pressure

We also offer the value-priced Maximizer™ line of industrial solid tires for less demanding applications or occasional use. We deliver all products on standard multipiece rims for fast installation on any skid steer, telehandler, backhoe, or wheel loader.

What Machines Do Our Tires Fit?

We have heavy-duty solid cushion tires for virtually all the wheeled earth-moving and other heavy construction equipment you might use in your construction or landscaping jobs, from skid steers to telehandlers to backhoes and more. 

industrial solid rubber tires

You don’t need to worry about matching up our solid rubber products with your John Deere, Cat® or other manufacturers. We create aftermarket industrial solid tires for all major brands of heavy equipment machines, and we’ll have no problem finding the right solid tires for your machines. As a company that spent years manufacturing OEM parts, we know exactly how to make products that are the right fit for your preferred brand. 

In fact, we feel our industrial solid rubber tires are not just a good replacement for your original Cat®, John Deere or other heavy equipment tires, they are better. We know what OEM parts are capable of and we know what our aftermarket products are capable of, and we employ rigorous research and proprietary technology to make sure our rubber tires far exceed your expectations. 

You should certainly get in touch with McLaren industries if your current rubber tires are completely worn out, but we suggest you contact us even earlier and switch out your tires right away, so you can start benefitting immediately from the smooth ride, extra strength and unparalleled durability of our line of solid rubber tires.

What Applications Do Our Tires Work In?

industrial solid rubber tires

Any applications where you would normally use this type of heavy equipment can utilize these tires. One of the benefits of pneumatic tires is that they provide a smooth ride even on rough terrain and offer great traction, the downside being that they puncture easily. Our tires do not.

Thanks to our semi-pneumatic technology, you can get all the benefits of pneumatic tires without fear of puncturing and flats, meaning they are suitable for just about any application.

If your applications tend to run towards typical soft earth environments like golf course maintenance or landscaping, our Nu-Air Dirt Terrain solid tires should be more than up to the job. If you know that some of your work will take place on flat, harder surfaces like concrete or asphalt, the All-Terrain model may be a better fit.

If you expect to be working almost exclusively on hard-surface environments or almost exclusively on very rough terrain environments, you will want our Smooth Surface or Rocky Terrain tires, respectively.

If you’re having trouble matching up the right rubber tires with the needs of your environment, that’s no problem. That’s what we’re here for. When you get in touch with us, one of our McLaren Industries tire experts will discuss your specific machine, applications, and needs.

We can then match you up with the ideal McLaren Industries industrial solid rubber tires, whether they fall into one of the above categories or you would be better equipped with one of our specialty tires like the extreme duty X-Dirt Terrain, the ground-sensitive Air Monster or the economical Maximizer™. 

Why McLaren Industries Solid Rubber Tires?

McLaren Industries has been manufacturing aftermarket heavy-duty solid cushion tires for more than 20 years. We were the first company to deliver a truly puncture-proof product, and we continue to innovate to this day. Choose our products for performance you can count on, even when working with aggressive attachments that would strain a standard pneumatic tire. With them, you can continue working effectively and maintaining peak performance without risking downtime. 

industrial solid rubber tires

Another benefit of working with McLaren Industries is our extensive catalog. Our tires are suitable OEM replacements for most skid steers, backhoes and telehandlers by Cat, John Deere, Bobcat, Kubota, Takeuchi, Volvo, Gehl, and other leading manufacturers. We have the largest selection of tread patterns and sizes, with options such as non-marking orange or gray rubber compound to further expand the potential applications for our products.

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Keep browsing our website to learn more about our current lineup of solid rubber tires for compact construction and heavy equipment. To speak with a representative or get help choosing the best tire for your needs, please contact McLaren Industries directly or call us at (800) 836-0040.


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