• McLaren Rubber Tracks
    McLaren Rubber Tracks
    America’s #1 Rubber Track Manufacturer


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  • Terrapin Rubber Tracks
    Terrapin Rubber Tracks
    The best all around performer.
    Great traction in dirt and snow, while
    offering the longest life on hard surfaces.


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  • Premium Quality
    Premium Quality
    McLaren has put years in R&D to
    create the highest quality rubber
    compounds and track designs!

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  • TDF Design
    TDF Design
    TDF avoids cuts and cracks.
    Get peak performance, more
    traction, and a smoother ride!

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  • NextGen TURF Tracks
    NextGen TURF Tracks
    Reduced ground pressure
    and lighter footprint for
    golf courses, parks, and
    other sensitive turf areas.

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  • Tracks for any model
    Tracks for any model
    McLaren makes rubber tracks for most
    makes and models of track loaders, mini-
    excavators, and many carrier vehicles!
    If we don't have it, we'll make it!

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Rubber Tracks for Aerial Platform Tracks

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Tracked Aerial Lift Tracks

Aerial platforms are designed to lift limited weights while providing access to higher areas. It is critical to ensure stability throughout the operation of this equipment. McLaren tracked aerial platform tracks are designed to reduce vibration when compared to most other tread patterns, making them the best solution for aerial platforms. For those customers who are looking to protect their indoor flooring (such as parquet, polished surface, and other industrial floors), McLaren premium rubber tracks are also offered in a non-marking version. 

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McLaren tracked aerial platform rubber tracks are designed to provide stability and improve safety by eliminating the strong undercarriage vibrations that other track patterns produce. This improvement makes them the best solution for aerial platforms and tracked boom lift tracks. Main features and product advantages:

  • Specially developed tread pattern to ensure a smoother ride
  • SpoolRite Belting Technology to ensure track durability
  • Non-marking version available to protect indoor floorings such as parquet, polished surface, and other industrial floors

Next Generation rubber tracked aerial platform tracks often outperform other premium tracks on OEM tests. Choosing premium rubber tracks by McLaren is a guarantee for increased productivity and longer undercarriage work life for your machine.

180 and 230mm wide tracks

SpoolRite Belting Technology: a single jointless non-overlapping continuous steel belt. This technology consists of one single continuous steel cable with no joint connection and thus with no weak point prone to track brake.

Next Generation is a high performance Series of rubber tracks that guarantee more value for your money than any other aftermarket rubber track.

Specifically designed to prevent sensitive areas from damage the McLaren non-marking rubber tracks have proven to be the most reliable solution for indoor floor as parquet, polished surface and other industrial floors.

Cost effective aftermarket rubber tracks: Maximizer rubber tracks provide reliability at the right cost. •

  • Track integrity due to the continuous reinforced steel belt 
  • Lower priced to fit the needs of contractors with budget restrictions

McLaren’s rubber tracked aerial platform tracks use not only high-quality rubber compound but also up to 30% more rubber compared to alternative tracks from the same class to ensure you get the maximum rubber track life for your money.

Track size portfolio from 180 to 230 mm wide tracks

Maximizer Series of replacement rubber tracks offer reliable quality at the lowest possible price. Maximizer rubber tracks are built with a cost effective rubber compound and reinforced continuous steel belt to ensure rubber track integrity and durability