100% NO FLATS. Get up to 3,500
    flat-free hours for real savings!

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    "Sponge" effect reduces
    bouncing and provides

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    Wider footprint and deeper
    lugs provide greater stability
    and traction on any terrain.

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  • Resilient & Flexible
    Resilient & Flexible
    Puncture resistance and longevity.
    A cushioned ride without the bounce.
    Lower cost-per-hour than regular
    pneumatic or foam-filled tires.

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  • Got a telehandler!
    Got a telehandler!
    McLaren Solid Cushion
    Tires are available for
    high reach equipment!

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  • Backhoe Tires
    Backhoe Tires
    The #1 Flat Proof Tires for Backhoes.
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  • Wheel Loader Tires
    Wheel Loader Tires
    Flat Proof Tires for Wheel Loaders that
    meet your budget and exceed
    your expectations!

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  • McLaren Premium Forklift Tires
    McLaren Premium Forklift Tires
    Designed and built for heavy loads and extreme endurance
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  • McLaren Premium Forklift Tires
    McLaren Premium Forklift Tires
    Superior compound prevents heat buildup and debonding
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Solid Cushion Tires for Forklift

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Forklift Tires

Forklifts have been standard equipment in material handling operations for more than a century. These versatile machines can lift heavy loads and carry them over short distances. They're perfect for loading and unloading trucks, stacking materials in warehouses and distribution centers and transporting bulky equipment. In some cases, forklifts can even serve as substitutes for aerial lifts to hoist workers who perform tasks at height. To get the most out of your forklift, look to McLaren Industries for high-quality forklift tires. 

McLaren Industries is your headquarters for forklift tires that can meet the demands of the most challenging material handling environments. We produce high-quality solid forklift tires for all the leading lift truck manufacturers, including Toyota, Caterpillar, Hyster, Yale, Komatsu, Nissan, Mitsubishi,  Sumitomo, Clark, Crown, Raymond, Linde, Kalmar, TCM, Taylor, and Doosan . Our selection of heavy-duty forklift tires will help you increase your fleet's performance, productivity, and profitability with McLaren’s durable and long-lasting forklift tires. 

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Our Forklift Tire Products

McLaren offers three major types of forklift tires for sale: solid pneumatic forklift tires, solid cushion forklift tires, and polyurethane forklift tires. Our product lines are manufactured with three ranges of applications: S1 – for single shift operations, S2 – for double shift operations, and S3 – for 3 shift (24hrs) operations.

Forklift tires with non-marking tread are also available for both our solid pneumatic and cushion tire options. 

Solid Pneumatic Forklift Tires:

mclaren solid pneumatic forklift tires

McLaren Solid pneumatic forklift tires are designed for extreme conditions with wear resistant rubber compound, multistage internal design, and proprietary materials to prevent heat buildup.

Key advantages:

  • Wear resistant compound
  • Chunk and crack resistant
  • Reduced heat buildup

mclaren solid pneumatic forklift tires

Cushions Forklift Tires

mclaren cushion forklift tires

McLaren Cushion Forklift tires tried and tested in the most severe warehouse applications.

Key advantages:

  • Wear resistant compound.
  • McLaren Hyperbond Technology for superior rubber to metal bonding which prevents delamination.
  • Low rolling resistance for improved fuel or battery efficiency.

mclaren cushion forklift tires

Polyurethane Forklift Tires

McLaren Polyurethane Forklift tires are specifically designed for reach tracks working in demanding condition

Key advantages:

  • Crack resistant
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Wear resistant formulation

Tire Sizes

Forklift Cushion Tire SizesSolid Pneumatic Tire sizesPolyurethane Tire Sizes
9x5x5 100/80-18 10x4x6..5
10x4x6-1/2 4.00-8 12x4.5x8
10x5x6-1/2 5.00-8 13x4.5x9
10-1/2x5x6-1/2 15x4 -1/2 x 8 13.5x4.5x8
12x4-1/2x8 16x6-8 9x5x5
12x5-1/2x8 18x7-8 9x5x5.75
13-1/2x4-1/2x8 18x9-8 10x5x6.5
13-1/2 x 5-1/2 x 8 140/55-9 10.5x5x6.5
14x4-1/2x8 6.00-9 12x5.5x8
14x5x10 21x8-9 13x5.5x8
15x4x11-1/4 650-10 13x5.5x9.5
15x5x11-14 23x9-10 13.5x6x10.5
16-1/4 x 5 x 11-1/4 200/50-10 10.5x6x5
16-1/4 x 6 x 11-1/4 700-12 13x6x10
16-1/4 x 7 x 11-1/4 23x10-12 13.5x6x10
16x5x10-1/2 27x10-12 13x6x10.5
16x6x10-1/2 315/45-12 10x7x6.25
16 x 7 x 10-1/2 7.00-15 (5.5) 16x7x12-1/8
18x5x12-1/8 7.00-15 (6.0) 22x14x16
18x6x12-1/8 7.00-15 (6.5)
18x7x12-1/2 7.50-15 (5.5)
18x8x12-1/2 7.50-15 (6.5)
18x9x12-1/8 28x9-15
21x6x15 250-15
21x7x15 28x12.5-15
21x8x15 300-15
21x9x15 350-15
22x12x16 8.25-15 (5.5)
22x8x16 8.25-15 (6.5)
22x9x16 400/60-15
22x10x16 355/50-20
22x14x16 9.00-20
22x16x16 10.00-20
28x12x22 12.00-12
28x14x22 12.00-24
28x16x22 14.00-24

To get a quote or learn more about the selection of replacement forklift tires we have for sale, give us a call at (800) 836-0040 or contact us online today.

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