• Terrapin Rubber Tracks
    Terrapin Rubber Tracks
    The best all-around performer with
    the longest life in rocky conditions!
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  • CTL Rubber Tracks
    CTL Rubber Tracks
    NextGen TDF Super Series - Even MORE heavy duty with a longer life!
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  • Premium Quality
    Premium Quality
    McLaren has put years in R&D to
    create the highest quality rubber
    compounds and track designs!
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  • TDF Design
    TDF Design
    TDF avoids cuts and cracks.
    Get peak performance, more
    traction, and a smoother ride!

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  • NextGen TURF Tracks
    NextGen TURF Tracks
    Reduced ground pressure
    and lighter footprint for
    golf courses, parks, and
    other sensitive turf areas.
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  • Tracks for any model
    Tracks for any model
    McLaren makes rubber tracks for most
    makes and models of track loaders, mini-
    excavators, and many carrier vehicles!
    If we don't have it, we'll make it!

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Rubber Tracks for Mini Excavators

Rubber Tracks for Mini Excavators

Mini excavators offer portable power in construction, landscaping work and other applications. Several companies — including Cat®, John Deere, Komatsu and other leading brands — manufacture mini excavators in a range of sizes and configurations. Adding one to your fleet will help you take on a broader range of jobs.

The majority of excavators run on tracks — if you're looking to upgrade from the OEM part, McLaren Industries has several excellent options that will deliver improved stability and performance. Doing so can help you get more out of your machine, run a more economical and efficient operation, and enhance operator comfort — among other benefits.

Benefits of McLaren Excavator Tracks

There are many advantages to switching out your OEM tracks for an aftermarket part by McLaren Industries. Our products deliver:

- Improved digging performance, greater pushing power and increased traction.
- Multiple specialized tread patterns for use in varying terrains and working conditions.
- Prolonged undercarriage life and extended intervals between scheduled track replacements.
- A smoother ride that delivers superior operator comfort over a long shift.

All told, these benefits enhance machine performance as well as improve your bottom line. You'll be more productive with less downtime, while getting a more versatile unit that can expand the working capacity of your fleet without the need for additional equipment.

John Deere mini excavator with McLaren rubber tracks

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Our Products

Every business has different needs — there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to replacing your excavator tracks. That's why we manufacture and sell three main types of replacement rubber tracks for mini excavators:

- NextGen™ rubber tracks: The NextGen product line includes rubber excavator tracks ranging in size from 80 to 500 mm, with a variety of tread patterns and configurations. All products feature our SpoolRite Belting Technology™ — a jointless steel belt that runs throughout the track for added strength and durability. We manufacture the track itself from a proprietary rubber compound that outperforms the OEM alternative, even in the most demanding terrains and applications.

- Maximizer rubber tracks: The Maximizer product line is a budget-friendly alternative to our NextGen tracks that still delivers exceptional McLaren Industries quality and performance. All tracks include a continuous reinforced steel belt and contain up to 30% more rubber than a standard product, further adding to their unique value proposition by extending their service life. The Maximizer line ranges in size from 180 to 450 mm, offering options for any machine.

maximizer tracks for min ex

- HYBRID™ series steel tracks with bolt-on rubber pads: The HYBRID series offers the best of both worlds — steel's superior strength and rubber's durability. HYBRID products feature a virtually indestructible steel track with replaceable rubber pads. In rough ground conditions, remove the pads for an all-steel track. The HYBRID series is our heaviest-duty mini excavator track, available in 300 to 450 mm width sizes and suitable for demanding mining, demolition and other jobs.

What Option Is the Best for Me?

So, which of our mini-excavator tracks are the right fit for your equipment? Which tracks go best with your Cat® excavator or your John Deere product? We offer a wide range of mini-excavator tracks that are compatible with most major brands of mini-excavator manufacturers, so your main concern should be more about whether you have the right tracks for the job, rather than the right tracks for your particular brand of machine.

Is it better to have tracks made of rubber or steel? If you plan to put your mini-excavator through its paces, doing a lot of sometimes challenging jobs over a long period of time, replacement rubber tracks are usually your best bet. 

If you have fewer, but more heavy-duty jobs like heavy construction and mining, you may want the strength and toughness of steel treads, even though they don’t wear quite as long as rubber ones. You can get around this issue with our HYBRID™ tracks which combine the durability of rubber with the strength of steel so that you don’t have to make that decision.

Whichever you choose, we think you will find that McLaren mini-excavator tracks are of superior quality and function even better than your original tracks. We want to help you find just the right mini-excavator tracks for you. Contact us today and tell us what machine you’re working with and the types of jobs you need that excavator to do and we’ll locate your perfect track option in no time.

All our replacement tracks are compatible with Cat and other popular machines. Request a quote online or give us a call at (800) 836-0040 to learn more about our various product lines or for help choosing the best model and size for your excavator.

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