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Set of Maximizer Over-The-Tire Tracks for Komatsu SK 1020


  • Effective skid steer track solution, providing outstanding traction
  • Lighter than other crossbar designs but yet providing lateral stability, which is crucial for handling jobs on side slopes and hills
  • Self-cleaning innovative cross-bar design with hexagonal grip surface, keeping debris off the tracks
  • Made of durable, corrosion-resistant heat-treated steel, which ensures years of uninterrupted service
  • Lower maintenance costs due to replaceable pins and links
  • Easy to install, and fully adjustable to get a perfect fit

Set of McLaren Diamond Over-The-Tire Tracks for Komatsu SK 1020


  • The optimal skid steer track for the worst operating conditions
  • The Diamond pattern bites into mud, clay, loose rock and sand like no other type of track does
  • Recommended also for working on snow and ice
  • Reduces sideslip, improves productivity and safety on side slopes
  • Self-cleaning cross-bar design, keeping debris off the tracks
  • Lower maintenance costs due to replaceable pins, links and sections
  • Maximum performance with minimum investment

Set of McLaren Magnum Over-The-Tire Tracks for Komatsu SK 1020


  • The toughest skid steer track with steel pads available on the market
  • Designed to give superior performance in the most demanding conditions: demolition, land clearing, mining, deep mud, sand, waste debris, and rocks
  • Outstanding flotation and tire protection due to closely spaced shoes
  • Increased machine stability due to the extra weight of the tracks, no more bouncing or rocking when the bucket is full
  • Directional pad pattern provides more pushing and pulling power, especially in deep mud
  • Lower maintenance costs due to replaceable pins, links and shoes
  • Base assembly may last as long as your skid steer does

Wheel Spacers for Komatsu SK 1020

Size:Type ASKU:US882845

    Please measure the space from the sidewall of your tire to the frame. It is recommended to have at least 3" clearance to make sure the tracks will not touch the machine body during tight turns. If the clearance is less than 3", please try turning your wheels around. Your skid steer may have reversible rims that are off-set allowing you to add tracks without the need of spacers.

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